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Monday, March 7, 2011

Life at 153bpm

Today, I saw a glimpse into my future. For those of you closest to me, you already know that I will be a father in the next 8 months. Well, I saw it today... The peanut with a heartbeat.

The experience was surreal; hearing a 153bpm heart beat from something no bigger than a nickel. I helped create that small blob of life up there. (Let's just call it "Eno the Embryo" for now) These feelings, I'd love to share with you all, unfortunately, I feel like I've hijacked them from too many cheesy greeting cards. When I am able to own these floating sensations of euphoria, I'll be sure to share.

Right now, I'm excited, worried, scared, a bit impetuous, proud, erratic..... floating.
Am I ready for this? I guess I have less than 8 months to decide. "Ground Control to Major Tom..."