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Monday, March 7, 2011

Life at 153bpm

Today, I saw a glimpse into my future. For those of you closest to me, you already know that I will be a father in the next 8 months. Well, I saw it today... The peanut with a heartbeat.

The experience was surreal; hearing a 153bpm heart beat from something no bigger than a nickel. I helped create that small blob of life up there. (Let's just call it "Eno the Embryo" for now) These feelings, I'd love to share with you all, unfortunately, I feel like I've hijacked them from too many cheesy greeting cards. When I am able to own these floating sensations of euphoria, I'll be sure to share.

Right now, I'm excited, worried, scared, a bit impetuous, proud, erratic..... floating.
Am I ready for this? I guess I have less than 8 months to decide. "Ground Control to Major Tom..."


  1. Congrats brutha! If you think seeing the ultrasound was surreal, wait until your child is that will blow your mind and change your world forever (in the best possible way).

    Again, CONGRATS!


  2. Thanks man! We are super excited. We'll know what it is going to be in June. Love your work BTW.